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Clint/Coulson Recs
A list of Clint/Coulson recs for sapphirescribe, separated by category/genre. Because I'm a bit anal that way. :)

SHIELD Origin Stories:
Hope is Not a Course of Action by thatdamneddame (12572 words)
Summary: Clint loved Natasha like he loved a lot of stupid ideas.
My thoughts: The story of how Clint comes to work for SHIELD. This is a really lovely story with a fantastically inscrutable Phil and a snarky, intelligent Clint. Really good and a nice starting off point if you're new to the fandom.

Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet by sirona (18747)
Summary: "That little shit," Jasper snarls, throwing himself in the seat across from Phil in the mess hall, glasses slightly askew and eyes sporting that look Phil has come to associate with a certain specialist recently collected into SHIELD's fold.
My thoughts: Lovely history of Coulson and Clint that includes a "fix-it" and an awesome Sitwell.

*Catch Your Voice by lavvyan (14180 words)
Summary: Clint keeps telling himself he's not obsessed with Coulson. From the way Natasha keeps laughing at him, she's not buying it either. But it's only a crush if you know what the other guy actually looks like, right?
My thoughts: Fantastic Clint/Coulson origin story complete with fix-it. And donuts. I adore Clint's voice in this and Coulson is ridiculously enigmatic. This one is easily one of my favourites.

still officially lost (part one of the early years 'verse) by pollyrepeat (11913 words)
Summary: “Barton has clearly imprinted on you,” Fury starts, and keeps talking right over Phil’s knee-jerk, horrified, “He has not,” to seal Phil’s doom by saying, “so I’ve decided that you’re going to take primary responsibility for him from now on.” “Oh, god,” Phil says, faintly, before he can stop himself.
Otherwise known as, SHIELD: The Early Years.
My thoughts: Coulson's a junior agent assigned to wrangling a 17 year old Clint. Characterizations are great as they each begin to come into their own. Now with awesome getting-together sequel!

* Talk To Me by laceymcbain (11738 words)
Summary: The first words Clint ever remembers Coulson saying to him are "talk to me."
My Thoughts: Hello fic of my heart. Lots of BAMFY goodness paired with all the, so good. I've read this one more times than I can count.

Get-together Fic
The Best Laid Plans of Friends by Selenay (5424 words)
Summary: Phil and Clint have been going on mission dates for years without working out they were dating. Their friends decide to buy them a clue. This process may be harder than anyone anticipated...
My Thoughts: Very cute. They're both so completely oblivious, it's adorable!

But I Will Hold on Hope (And I Won't Let You Choke) by perpetfic (14875 words)
Summary: In which Clint is not the emotionally stunted one, plays pretty well with others, and Sitwell is a foul-mouthed matchmaker against his will.
My Thoughts: Really lovely fic with an outstanding Sitwell and some fun OC's. Coulson is so reluctant even though they're both so obviously crazy for each other that it's painful. All the feelings for this one.

I've Got Your Words in Me by eleanor_lavish (5133 words)
Summary: Clint doesn’t fuck up assignments very often. This time, he’s pretty glad he did.
My Thoughts: Cute and steamy. A good read despite the ridiculously contrived plot device in the middle which the author impressively manages to make work for her.

And I'll Cross Oceans Like Never Before by sirona (16856 words)
Summary: 'Oh, hell no,' he thinks, looking down at his hands only to be met with furry paws instead of the fingers he expects.
--Or the one where Loki turns Clint into a puppy, and his new condition allows him to gain some startling insights into their resident babysitter agent.
My Thoughts: PUPPY FIC!!!!! *SWOONS*

Be Calm, Look Cute by pollyrepeat (18831 words)
Summary: “It's a contingency plan in case of accidental teenagering,” says Stark.
My Thoughts: Coulson is hit by a de-aging ray and becomes his 16 year old self. Coulson is lovely, he's quiet and dorky and very self aware in a way that makes him supremely loveable and the resulting love story plays out really well.

Bicycle Made for Two by sirona (8139 words)
Summary: Pretending to be Phil Coulson's husband, when all you want in the world is not to have to pretend, is the single worst experience of Clint's life.
My Thoughts: Pretend boyfriends trope. Pining!Clint is a bit awesome.

Kissing Under the Mistletoe (and Other Christmassy Activities) by Selenay (13600 words)
Summary: "How hard could it be to pretend for a few days?" Clint continued. "All those kids around, we'd be able to keep it strictly PG and your sister would never have to know. It'll be great."
My Thoughts: Pretend!Boyfriend trope is the bestest trope!

Slow Growth Investment by Arsenic ( 37837 words)
Summary: Left at the hospital, injured and penniless, Clint tries to find his way to another circus, or some other means of supporting himself, but makes a few decisions that end up costing him. He's pretty much given up on ever making something of his life when he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, witness to an assassination. As it turns out, that's the best luck he's had in years.
My Thoughts: Pre canon story about Clint being recruited and his developing relationships with Natasha and Coulson. Lovely. The relationship between Clint and Natasha really shines. Warning for excessive non con at the beginning. Also, this is an OT3 fic.

Fix-it Fic
I am Ready, I am Fine by sirona (1270 words)
Summary: Post-Avengers OT3 Fix-it fic.
My Thoughts: H/C fix-it fic. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Like Sick Flowers Need the Sun by hoosierbitch (7851 words)
Summary: Clint hasn't felt this alone in a long time. Coulson's gone, SHIELD isn't a home anymore, and no one on his new team seems to like him. After a lifetime of being ignored, Clint's gotten good at demanding attention. He'll annoy and frustrate and piss everyone off until they notice him. To him, any attention—even the negative kind—is good attention. This poses a problem when they all finally learn to just ignore him.
My Thoughts: Lovely and subtle in a way I highly enjoyed. Clint's characterization is a bit different in this then in most fic but she manages his inability to connect really well without over dramatizing it.

Never Sold a Lie by nerdwegian (7255 words)
Summary: "The Life Model Decoys are designed with a self-sustaining Artificial Intelligence, with the project goal being for them to be able to pass as their Target Model in any given situation." Road trip fic. Obviously.
My Thoughts: Fix-it with Clint convinced that Phil is a LMD. Lovely road trip fic. Lots of feelings and stuff. Heart clenchy. I loved it.

Office Scuttlebutt is Always Wrong (Except When It Isn't) by Ralkana (1409 words)
Summary: Five rumors about Phil Coulson (and one truth).
My Thoughts: Five time and a fix-it fic? I think we all know how I feel about this. Really lovely look at Phil Coulson.

Some People Just Collect Stamps by Closer (9446 words)
Summary: Phil Coulson wakes up in a hospital bed. Well, damn.
My Thoughts: Awesome "fix-it" fic with all the feelings! Loved this.

With This Ring by cherryfeather (3170 words)
Summary: Clint's not one for sympathy leave--he's not one for leave at all, unless it's the enforced kind. The kind you get from punching the director of SHIELD in the face. That had calmed him down.
My Thoughts: Really nice fix-it fic. Short and very sweet.

You're the One That I Like Best by sirona (7151 words)
Summary: Clint tries to come to terms with Coulson's death. He.... mostly fails. Fortunately, Coulson's house plants kind of help.
My Thoughts: It should be kind of obvious by now that I have a stupid amount of love for sirona's fic. This one is just all kinds of lovely. Heartachey in all the best ways. P.S. You should just go read all of her stuff.

Team Building Fic
10,9,8, car... by pollyrepeat (9470 words)
Summary: Clint was pretty sure he'd seen this movie. Like a lot of things since he'd joined the Avengers, it had been a lot funnier when it wasn't his life.
My Thoughts: All of the feelings in this one. All of them. This is Groundhog Day trope, and it's heartbreaking and lovely and one of my favourites.

Down From the Bird's Eye View by BlackEyedGirl (4642 words)
Summary: Clint has difficulty adjusting to people he has to deal with at ground level.
My Thoughts: Lovely and subtle fic about Clint struggling to fit in with the initiative.

The Time to Find a Place to Land by BlackEyedGirl (20178 words)
Summary: By Phil’s count, this is his third attempt at bringing the Avengers together, although he will admit his participation in the second attempt was more symbolic than anything else. He hadn’t expected Stark to be the easiest sell, or Barton to be the most problematic, but things have changed since he’s been away.
My Thoughts: Takes its time dealing with the fall out of Phil's "death". Bonus points for an excellent use of Darcy.

Survivor's Guilt by Arsenic (7034 words)
Summary: In the wake of Loki, Clint is persona-non-grata at SHIELD.
My Thoughts: Really lovely. Deals with Clint's issues after the attack on the helicarrier and the team coming together to help him through. AND it's a fix-it.

A little bit of your taste (in my mouth) by ellievolia and sirona (20299 words)
Summary: Coffee Shop AU. In which Clint owns the coffee shop that makes the best damn coffee Phil has ever tasted, and things only go downhill from there.
My Thoughts: Sweet and lovely.

call me maybe by foxxcub (2889 words)
Summary: One time with his best friend on prom night after a little too much booze wasn’t really experience, but details weren’t important. He’d had sex, period.
My Thoughts: Super cute HS au that is a sort of sequel to listedheart's kisses on the necks of best friends but you don't need to read that to understand this.

The Only Hope For Me Is You by foxxcub (11650 words)
Summary: Of course Phil would get into Harvard; he was the valedictorian, student body president, honor society treasurer—it would’ve been a damn miracle if he hadn’t gotten in. In the meantime, Clint had two years of high school left, and Phil was just going to be...gone.
My Thoughts: Sweet and lovely HS AU.

The Loner and the Lighthouse Man by SidneySussex (2343 words)
Summary: Deep-sea fishing AU. Phil Coulson is the best fisherman on the North Atlantic. He works alone and likes it that way, but sometimes even he feels the need to pick up the radio and hear another human voice.
My Thoughts: Quiet and lovely and sweet.

Blue Plate Special by Saone (5963 words)
Summary: Take one ex-circus performer, one homicide detective, a dash of meddling cohorts, a heavy helping of pie recipes, mix well, and bake until somebody gets a date.
My Thoughts: Super cute diner!au. Squee!

I will ask you to open my door from your side by ellievolia and sirona (21194 words)
Summary: Phil's car is firetruck red, and she's his pride and joy. She deserves the very best of care, something Phil can't give her by himself -- he's the CFO of Stark Industries, not the experienced mechanic she needs. This is a project that needs outsourcing -- straight to Steve Rogers' garage and its preternaturally gifted restorer, Clint Barton.
My Thoughts: For the Avengers BB. Nice characterizations and tatooed Phil is yum. This also contains Pepper/Phil and deals with the break up of their long term relationship.

These Things Happen by lavvyan (3471 words)
Summary: The Opera Ghost takes an interest in young tenor Steve Rogers. Clint isn't jealous.At all. Phantom of the Opera AU
My Thoughts: So much love for this. Short but manages to convey everything you need from it.

Hot and Steamy
it's in the water, baby by sirona (3550 words)
Summary: Clint's friends drag him to a classy bar on their quest to find sugar daddies for themselves. Clint isn't inclined to play that game -- until he meets Phil Coulson, who challenges everything Clint believed in.
My Thoughts: Daddy kink and age gap fic in which Clint and Phil are both very sweet and it is kind of incredibly hot.

Principled by herinfiniteeyes (2856 words)
Summary: In which Clint isn't willing to give up without a fight to get what he wants from Principal Coulson.
My Thoughts: Warnings for underage, age gap and references to non-con. I like the dynamic between Clint and Coulson in this and the sequel written by sirona is very emotionally satisfying so make sure to read that as well.

Won't You Please (Leave Your Mark On Me) by torakowalski (19945 words)
Summary: Clint really likes handcuffs; he’s just not sure how to tell Phil that. Which is a problem since they’ve been sleeping together for a few months now.
My Thoughts: Nicely involved dom/sub fic.

The Things You Need to Know by lavvyan (3114 words)
Summary: In which Clint has what he asked for but it isn't what he wants. Luckily, there is such thing as renegotiation, even if they go about it in all the wrong ways.
My Thoughts: Well done dom/sub, bondage fic.

Touched for the Very First Time by listedheart (5094 words)
Summary: Clint Barton: secretly a virgin. This was not in his file.
My Thoughts: Yah he is. Hot, hot, hot first time fic.

I'll just keep following (the heartlines in your hand) by bendingwind (10542 words)
Summary: A love story told through mission sex.
My Thoughts: Lovely.

Been Looking At You Forever by torakowalski (18881 words)
Summary: Clint and Phil are friends. Friends who have sex. That’s all there is to it. Honestly.
My Thoughts: Fuckbuddies fic. I adored it. Great team moments and just lovely all around.

Long Fic
Words May Fail (The Body Remains) by ladyflowdi (56474 words)
Summary: There's a beginning to every love story, Clint knows. Theirs just has more bullets and crazy people.
My Thoughts: Best! <3

Watch and Learn by TamrynEradani (82090 words)
Summary: When Clint is a boy he learns to keep out of sight, how to read situations, and how to put others before himself. When Clint is a young man, he gets shot by Agent Phil Coulson, and he learns to put those skills to use.
My Thoughts: Long and involved. All the love. <3

Through the Glass by dentalfloss (70417 words)
Summary: “Thoughts Coulson?” Fury asked, finger tapping idly on Barton’s file.
“He’s dangerous. He has trust issues that we may not be able to breach, he will not like working with others, he will lie to us about his motivations every chance he gets and, most likely, be successful every time.” Coulson’s gaze drifted back to the empty chair Barton had chosen earlier, boxed in the corner yet protected on as many sides as possible. “It won’t be easy, but if we can win his loyalty he has the potential to be the asset we’re looking for.”
Fury agreed, though neither of them would ever dream that they already had Barton’s loyalty, or that the price it cost was so steep.
My Thoughts: An unscrupulous baby agent tests an untried and unknown brainwashing tech on Clint in order to bring him into SHIELD. Nobody knows and Clint is ordered never to reveal that he's under duress and that his loyalty isn't his own choosing. The story follows Clint's career at SHIELD and into his time as an Avenger. I really liked it. Lots of feels and no shrinking back from the issues it raises.


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