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Darcy Lewis Fic Rec List

7A WF 83429 by musefool

Summary: In the box where it says, "If you do not have a significant other at the time of the biochemical event, to whom do you grant consent to have sex with you should circumstances require it?" Darcy writes, "Captain America." Because that's a thing that's ever going to happen. <-- A fun little sex pollen fic.

A Fighter by Trade by Imogen_Penn

Summary: Everybody’s got a past, something they’re running from. It might take a while to figure it out, but the real question is where you’re running to. <-- The one where they meet at a boxing club and Steve just wants to be Steve and Darcy doesn't want to fall in love with a soldier and things are hard until they're not. Quite nice.

A Space Between by enigma_eggroll

Summary: A man out of time and a woman out of place, they find their way forward in an uncertain world. <--Kind of quiet and sweet with a nicely paced development of their relationship.

All the Dead Lie Down by Imogen_Penn

Summary: Sooooo....I wrote a zombie epic. I don't even know guys. It just happened. Blame slash insane gratitude to Katertots and nessismore for chearleading, support and keeping the spoilers to themselves :) <-- ZOMBIE FIC!!! BE STILL MY HEART!!!! (My ridiculous bias towards apocafic/zombie fic aside, this is a really well told story with some great characterization and really great pacing. Just be aware that this is zombie fic, so not everyone is going to make it through.)

Break the Ice by fade_like_starlight

Summary: After Steve is photographed at a publicity event with a woman who is 'almost' wearing a dress, Fury demands that Coulson fix it. Rather than shutting down the entire tabloid magazine industry (which really is outside SHIELD's parameters), Coulson takes a different approach and decides to find a girlfriend for the Captain. <-- Super cute fake!boyfriend fic.

Darcy Lewis Can't Lose by eLJay

Summary: Darcy wants to do something nice for Steve. <-- Lovely little series that has excellent characterizations and a beautiful tone. The stories are gentle without being too soft and sweet without being sappy.

De'oum Luminai by boombangbing

Summary: When a fare crashes through the roof of Darcy's cab, she gets more than she bargained for. <-- Fifth Element fusion! Wee!

Five Things Darcy Loves About Working For SHIELD by teand

Summary: The Bronx was up, the Battery was down and thank freaking Thor that SHIELD provided housing or Darcy suspected she wouldn't have been able to afford to live closer than Vermont. <-- Darcy/Steve 5 times fic? Be still my beating heart! I want more! Also, Clint/Coulson are almost unbearably adorable. All my love for this.

I Climbed The Tree To See The World by sarcastic_fina

Summary: The path to self-discovery, including becoming Coulson's assistant-slash-liaison-slash-bff, Captain America's lady love, and rating fourth on the SHIELD BAMF scale, was like the yellow brick road; it was chaos and confusion around every bend. <-- All kinds of awesome.

Kid's Movies by CircusBones

Summary: While moving to New York, Darcy Lewis finds a sketch of a certain hero, pre-serum, and a long, convoluted adventure involving movies, super villains, falling in love, and becoming a competent SHIELD agent begins. Rating is mostly for language. And some blood. And some love. <-- All kinds of lovely.

Robot Pants-Off Dance-Off by Lallybroch

Summary: Tony's not surprised Cap is the only one of them who had gotten a dose of the red stuff--he'd been in the middle of everything, as per usual--saving civilians and agents and kicking robot ass for the Free World. He's a little more surprised to discover that Darcy had been one of those agents. And by the time they're all stuck in the elevator together--Steve and Darcy pressed together in one corner, everybody else in the other—it doesn’t take long to figure out why the stupid villain they’d been fighting had stopped to fondle one of his bots. <-- DARCY/STEVE SEX POLLEN!!!!!!! What more needs to be said, really? (although, actually, the real charm is in how it manages to be both very sweet and insanely hot at the same time.)

Rule Number Nine by DevilDoll

Summary: "Darcy was right, Steve admits to himself later that day. He never has a date for anything." In which Steve and Darcy go on Not Dates and more. <-- In which Steve and Darcy are fuck buddies and it's delightful.

Turn Off Trouble Like You Turn Off a Light by blithers

Summary: "Oh, God," he said, and she knew just enough about Captain America to find this a pretty strongly worded statement on the situation. (Or, Steve and Darcy wake up married in Vegas.) <-- Very cute with a satisfying ending.


and I wonder (if everything could ever feel this real forever) by sarcastic_fina

Summary: Steve tells him that Darcy's harmless. Bucky imagines, on paper, Darcy is harmless. HYDRA wouldn't give her a second glance. But he does. He can barely keep his eyes off her. He's not sure he wants to. <--Gorgeous get-together fic complete with sarcastic Darcy and a beautifully fragile-but-healing Bucky.

Fenestration and the Art of Self Defense by Airwyn

Summary: In which Darcy Lewis catsits for Captain America and Bucky Barnes doesn't use the front door. <-- Darcy and Bucky are bros and it is everything!

I once started out to walk around the world but ended up in Brooklyn by suzuki

Summary: “Who the hell is the Winter Soldier?” Darcy asks doubtfully, cocking her head. <-- Spectacular crack. I adore this one.

Metallurgy by thegirlgrey

Summary: Bucky finds his footing as an Avenger with Darcy's help. <-- Technically this is Clint/Darcy but the main thrust of the story is Bucky and Darcy's friendship. Bucky and Darcy are bros and it is glorious. I love fic where members of the opposite sex are best friends without any kind of sexual tension and Avengers, in particular as a fandom, seems to excel at that.

That Which You Seek by Wynn

Summary: A few days after Bucky discovers his true identity, Darcy encounters him in a diner 50 miles outside of D.C. having apparently transformed from a handsome long-dead war hero into a creepy, scruffy, pancake-hating serial killer. So of course she tries to help him. <-- An engaging read.

we are not history yet; we are happening now by suzukiblu

Summary: From fourteen to sixteen, she hadn’t had words at all. She hadn’t told anyone. She’d known if she had, they would never come back. <-- It seems like everyone and their sister is writing soul bond fic in this fandom right now and I love it!


Some Nights by Jadzia_Bear

Summary: When two of Darcy's closest friends fall in love she does everything she can to get them together. By the time she realises she has feelings of her own, things have already gone too far. <-- Darcy makes things unnecessarily complicated but luckily Steve and Bucky know how to use their words.

Rule of Three by cylobaby27

Summary: Darcy has imagined her soulmates a million times. Her plan for their first meeting is to punch them in the face with all her might. Her first soulmark-- “Well, at least she’s got a nice rack”-- has been plaguing her since she was born, fueling every self-conscious fear she had ever had. The second, which had only appeared a few years back, is equally as insulting. At least at that point she was a little too focused on the aliens streaming from the sky to really concern herself about whatever jerk she was destined to connect with. Who needs soulmates anyway? She just didn’t expect “You've got to be kidding me” to be such a hunk. <-- Soul!bond fic! I just adore these three.

Catch a Falling Star by KittyWings01

Summary: If she was being honest, she hadn’t met anyone worthwhile in quite a long time. It was hard to be interested in any man when she had two super hot super soldiers at home to compare them to. And not just super hot, but also good men. They were her darkness and her light, her best friends, her protectors, her whole world. Damn, she was screwed. <-- OT3!!! <3


Bad Boys Ravish Only Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly by waketosleep

Summary: An account of how Darcy Lewis and Clint Barton got it together in the midst of the Avengers. <-- As with anything featuring Darcy, this is pretty much win.

Gift of Asylum by carleton97 and sister_wolf

Summary: The story of how Darcy Lewis accidentally helps found the Avengers while having an epic, failboaty romance with that dude she nailed in a bar two years ago. Tasers, jackbooted thugs, Tony Stark, and life-altering job offers are par for the course when you help discover an alien/god dude with amazing pecs. <-- Great story. Lots of fun.

Having a Bit of a Day Here by kellifer_fic

Summary: Where Darcy gets a super power, kind of, sorta. Geez, she's just having a bit of a weird week, alright? <-- One of my all time favourites!

Rivers and Roads by Imogen_Penn

Summary: It’s been three years, all told, that they’ve been in Puente Antiguo, shouting at the stars. <-- In which Darcy moves in to Clint's building. Quite lovely with a slow burn.

the best of life is but intoxication by kellifer_fic

Summary: Where Steve and Darcy are platonic BFFs and Tony and Clint just aren't buying it. <-- I love this as much for the Darcy and Steve interaction as I do for the Clint/Darcy. Funny and more than a bit charming.

The Only John Wayne Left in This Town by gyzym

Summary: Clint's got a secret love, and it's spelled b-a-n-j-o. <-- OK, this is really a very Clint-centric story but it the first fic I read with Darcy s a romantic and interest and it holds a special place in my heart. Also, it is legitimately lovely.

you need a rock not a rolling stone by topaz

Summary: The first time Darcy gets kidnapped by a mad scientist, it is not her fault. <-- Fantastic relationship fic with just the right blend of action and humour. Darcy is a sincerely well rounded character in this, which is a delight to read. Also, there's a fair bit of Darcy/Steve bffness, so extra bonus points there.


Times Like These by Imogen_Penn

Summary: No one had ever intentionally hurt her before in her whole life. No one had ever raised a hand against her in violence. The fear of it and the inability to control the situation was just as bad as the pain itself. And it pissed her the fuck off. <-- Nicely involved, well developed fic.

Manic Mondays by coffeebuddha

Summary: Darcy was seven the first time she fell in love. The second time it happens, she's twenty-five, hung over as all get out, and has a real chance of getting shot, which is actually more alarming than the giant green guy who's holding her hostage. <-- Lovely.

she blinded me with political science by thingswithteeth

Summary: Darcy watched the Avengers defend New York from over two thousand miles away. She could look out her window if she wanted to watch the aftermath. She watches the news instead, and realizes one very important thing: the Avengers have a bit of a PR problem. <-- Really completely awesome.

silver cities rise by endquestionmark

Summary: “Hey,” Darcy protests, “I am so low-stress!” She isn’t. It’s total bullshit. But there’s no way she’s letting Agent Suit trash-talk her. “I am like wheatgrass smoothies and Zen tapes and Xanax in one handy social science-wrapped package.” <-- Utterly adorable.


where the air is rarified by Siria

Summary: When Sam met Darcy. <-- Delightful. I am ready for more of this pairing in my life!


We'll Run Like We're Totally Awesome by themonkeycabal

Summary: Darcy's not quite sure what she'll do with another dad. <-- In which Darcy is actually Tony Stark's daughter and it is the best. thing. ever. This is a 12 part ongoing series that follows along with the MCU and is just a ton of fun. Completely addictive.


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