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Trope bingo!
My card! Woo-hoo!!

futurefic curtainfic reunion telepathy / mindmeld celebratory kiss
genderswap au: college / highschool huddle for warmth bodyswap holidayfic
language and translation au: other FREE

mind games metafiction
fuck or die mind control au: historical poor communication skills forbidden fruit
au: romance novel amnesia matchmaker au: supernatural twenty-four hours to live

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*pulls up a chair*
Are you sticking to one fandom or is it mix and match?
Can't wait!!! xo

I think I'm going to try and fill the card. One fandom per line. Maybe. I'm still working it out. So excited! *squee!!*

Oooh, I really like your card!

Me too! So many great choices I'm not even sure where to start!

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